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About Artimin

Artimin is founded in 2009 and turned into an internationally recognized platform for art management. For over a decade, Artimin provides world class art management solutions to the best art dealers, collectors and auction houses. Artimin is a SaaS-based, privacy compliant and secure collection management solution for the art world.



Collection Management

Artimin provides flexible online collection management tools to manage an art collection from any size or complexity.


Artimin builds custom made websites for art dealers and auction houses that look fantastic across all platforms and devices.

Auction Technology

The Artimin auction software handles live and timed auctions and fully integrates with an Artimin website and database.

Valuation Software

The Artimin valuator edition is optimized for the specific needs of valuators. Quickly build high quality valuation reports from any size or type.

ArtListings showcases the collections of leading art dealers. The growing database of artworks spans antiquities, modern, and vintage objects.

Consulting Services

Artimin can assist and consult your art business on many topics regarding the digital facets of the art world.

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Innovation & Technology

  • Latest Architecture
  • Fast & Modern
  • Private & Secure

Intensive Support

  • Unlimited Phone & E-mail Support
  • On Site Training
  • Self Support

“All In One” System

  • Administration & Finance
  • Cataloging
  • CRM, CMS & E-Commerce

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